Mighty Pirates are a roots reggae band, playing their own songs about human rights and justice.

Peace, love and unity, these are the vibes the music of the Mighty Pirates is soaked in. If you know the frontman and founder of the group, Roni, it’s logic. Rasta Roni is a rastaman “pur sang”, a strong, free mind, inspired religiously and spiritually in a body that is in harmony with nature. That’s what reggae is all about, and especially rootsreggae. True songs with militant and poetic lyrics.


The Mighty Pirates is the eldest  original and ongoing rootsreggaeband of Belgium. They gave concerts all over the country, with highlights at Reggae Geel, Reggae Sundance Eindhoven...


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Mighty Pirates are:

Hans Wielockx 

Yakke Moens 

Thierry Manoka Boka 

Roni Geboers